1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet v6.7 [Pro]

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1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet v6.7 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It’s the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.



Try 1Password for free today and see for yourself why The Guardian ranks us as one of “The best Android apps of 2014”.

– Let 1Password remember all your passwords so you don’t have to
– Sync items over from 1Password for PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad
– Bring all your Logins, Credit Cards, secure wallet items, and more on the go
– Log in to websites with a single tap
– Protect your vault with a single Master Password
– Secure with Tamper-proof Authenticated Encryption using AES-256 and Encrypt-then-MAC
– Auto-Lock keeps your data protected even if your device is lost or stolen
– All features free to try for 30 days to all new customers!

1Password is a beautiful, secure app for passwords and other sensitive items you need to keep safe. Take advantage of our pocket and purse slimming technology. Store thousands of wallet items without any of the bulge. Never leave vital information at home again!
– Store Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts, and more
– View attachments added from PC or Mac
– Find what you need quickly with powerful search

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1Password keeps your life in sync with other editions for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, sold separately at 1Password.com.
– Dropbox support for automatic cross-platform sync
– Use Folder Sync to keep your data in sync without using the cloud

Unlock the full power of 1Password 4 and make changes on the go with a single in-app purchase—no subscriptions. Create new passwords, edit existing items, mark items as Favorites for quick access, and more!
– Add new items like Logins, Secure Notes, and Identities right from your Android device
– Generate strong, unique passwords for every site with our Strong Password Generator
– Mark your most-used items as Favorites for quick access
– Organize your items into Folders
– Customize your items to save everything you need
Learn more about 1Password 4 for Android on our website: _http://j.mp/1P4Android
And in our guide: _http://j.mp/1P4AndroidGuide

We love 1Password and strive to make it the best it can be. Please share your comments or questions with us on our discussions site: http://j.mp/1PAForum or by emailing us directly at [email protected]

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6.7  – released 2017-12-15
We figured we would get a jump on St. Nick this holiday season with some presents of our own. The big shiny one that’s catching your eye is the redesigned 1Password accessibility service which fills logins in apps and browsers on Android 5 or later. And the stocking stuffers include treats such as instantly detecting changes on 1Password.com, updating an item’s password history, and displaying created and modified dates in the item detail view. Wishing you and yours all the best this season!

Fill into apps and browsers without needing to switch keyboards on devices running Android 5.0 or higher. {OPA-1227}
1Password syncs automatically when changes are detected on 1Password.com. {OPA-1247}
Changing a password will store the previously used password in an item’s password history. {OPA-243}
Created and modified timestamps are now displayed in the item detail view. {OPA-1162}
Search for logins when using either Autofill or Accessibility to fill into apps. {OPA-1218}
Support for filling into websites in Firefox Focus. {OPA-1353}

Improved browser and URL detection for accessibility-based filling. {OPA-1350}
Reduced the overhead of running the 1Password accessibility service for a smoother user experience. {OPA-1328}
Updated descriptions for filling options to better indicate the function and requirements of each. {OPA-1312}
Improved Autofill login detection for sign-ins using WebViews. {OPA-1310}
Updated sync logic to recommend updating 1Password in response to deprecated API calls. {OPA-1293}
Improved Dropbox sync with the latest SDK version. {OPA-1304}
Upgraded support for app integration with OpenYOLO version 0.3.1. {OPA-1297}
Improved detection of sign-in fields when using Autofill with 1Password. {OPA-1277}
Improved efficiency and parameterization of the SRP exponent creation. {OPA-1279}
Renamed “Enhanced Keyboard” to “Accessibility” in Settings > Filling and in the diagnostic report. {OPA-1332}
Updated localizations from our fantastic translators on Crowdin.

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Favorite logins now show a star in Autofill results to help you better identify them. {OPA-1289}
Fixed an issue that prevents the loading of some items with linked apps in an OPVault. {OPA-1358}
Resolved a crash that sometimes occurred when using the 1Password accessibility service. {OPA-1314}
Eliminated rich icon requests for ineligible domains. {OPA-455}
Resolved an issue with setting up QR code scanning on first run. {OPA-1315}
App links are now saved when filling a login item with the 1Password accessibility service. {OPA-1316}
Fixed an issue that caused a newly saved item to close when switching between apps. {OPA-1309}
Resolved an issue with copying documents between different vaults or accounts. {OPA-1294}
Fixed a typo with pluralization in the British English localization. {OPA-1303}

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